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BiomEdit is an innovator in microbiome research. Our mission is to create products that raise the bar for animal health.

Setting a
new standard

BiomEdit is pioneering new research techniques to explore the untapped potential of the microbiome. In an industry where dedication and brilliant creativity are table stakes, our science stands out.

complexity to accelerate discovery

Our high-throughput microbiology platform paired with our AI-powered predictive algorithms allows us to generate new hypotheses with a much higher probability of success than traditional methods.

Our approach

Our name, BiomEdit, was carefully crafted to reflect our approach to science and innovation

At BiomEdit, we explore the ways that the health of animals, humans, and the environment are influenced by the populations of bacterial species they host. These populations are known as the "microbiome".

These microbiomes interact across individuals, species, and environments, creating a dynamic link that impacts their host and surroundings.

We take a holistic approach to identifying common patterns across these interactions to develop products that benefit animals, humans, and their shared habitats. 

Much like how an editor works to improve a manuscript, we're able to “edit” the microbial population, applying an advanced understanding of the microbiome, microbial ecosystems, and synthetic biology.


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We are consciously building a psychologically safe workplace community that allows for a diverse set of perspectives, talents, backgrounds, and experiences to be heard. We value every individual’s contribution, and all feel respected and encouraged to speak up.

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We foster relationships that encourage trust, honesty, transparency, candor and respect both internally between colleagues, and externally with customers and partners.

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We operate with efficiency at every level by actively working to simplify processes and master complexity. We are diligent and deliberate in our actions and remain focused on achieving our goals through rigorous prioritization.

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We exemplify creativity and boldness in developing revolutionary technologies that exceed the expectations of our customers and the industry. We prioritize scientific excellence and every solution we deliver is supported by high quality data.

At BiomEdit, our foundation is rooted in the successful history of Eli Lilly and Company and Elanco Animal Health, innovators in human and animal health

October 2021

Elanco announces intention to carve out its microbiome platform and pipeline

April 2022
Sub Label
April 2022

BiomEdit is established as an independent entity based in Fishers, Indiana

October 2022

Research collaboration announced with Atarraya to increase sustainability of shrimp farming and improve global food security

October 2022

Aaron Schacht participates in the White House listening session on Harnessing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing for Food & Agricultural Innovation

December 2022

S&P Global Animal Health names BiomEdit best start-up in animal health

January 2023

Announcement of long-term strategic research and commercial partnership with Nutreco for next-generation ultra-specialty feed additives called Biome-actives

January 2023

BiomEdit closes Series A funding round at $37M

February 2023

Chairman and Board of Directors appointed

August 2023

Integrated drug discovery collaboration announced with the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

October 2023

Collaboration with Athian announced to develop sustainability protocols in methane-reducing products in development, as well as AMR and food safety risk reduction projects

November 2023

BiomEdit receives $4.5M grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop products that reduce methane emissions from cattle.

December 2023
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December 2023

S&P Global announces Aaron Schacht as the winner of the 2023 Visionary CEO award

Our Investors and partners

"Across industries, we need to concert our efforts - using both established and emerging approaches - to address the food and nutrition needs of a growing population on the planet. Leveraging biotechnology and biomanufacturing arguably plays the most important role to optimize the sustainability of our food supply."
Aaron Schacht
BiomEdit CEO

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