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We work across multiple product types and regulatory pathways to create products that are uniquely designed to prevent disease and promote health and well-being.

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Our Foundational products are next-generation and ultra-specialty feed additives developed for food animals, like livestock and aquaculture. These products bring a new scientific approach to a well-established global market category. They exhibit novel features that support animal health and growth and provide consistent, measurable ROI for customers.

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Our Investigational product pipeline is focused on creating new solutions for known problems in poultry production and food safety by applying our novel engineered microbe platform. These products take a different approach to helping animals defend against pathogens. They can even be effective where more traditional vaccines have often failed.

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Our Breakthrough pipeline represents our most ambitious and impactful research to date. With these projects, we use both Foundational and Investigational technologies to create product candidates that impact more than just the health of livestock.

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Proof of Concept

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Foundational Projects

Focus Area Name: Gut Health
Description: BE-02 is a consortium of beneficial bacteria selected for their ability to promote a healthy and resilient intestinal environment in poultry and swine.


Focus Area Name: Gut Health
Description: BE-01 is an enzyme that has been shown to break down bacterial components that cause inflammation. It has been shown to promote gut health in poultry and swine.


Focus Area Name: Gut Health
Description: BE-07 is a unique consortium of probiotic bacteria that have been harvested from the intestinal tracts of salmon. It is designed to promote gut health and growth performance.

Investigational Projects

Focus Area Name: Gut Health, Pathogen Protection
Description: BE-101 is classified as a bacterial vectored antibody fragment. It protects broiler chickens against toxins produced by Clostridium perfringens.


Focus Area Name: Pathogen Protection, AMR
Description: BE-102 is classified as a bacterial vectored antibody fragment. It is designed to protect broiler chickens against colonization by Campylobacter jejuni.


Focus Area Name: Gut Health, Pathogen Protection
Description: BE-106 is a unique vectored vaccine against multiple strains of Eimeria in poultry.

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